Saturday Post: Things are Ever Changing

15 years ago my wife finally broke down and agreed to be my girlfriend. I had asked her to be my girlfriend to the point of annoyance for a few days. It is a good thing that she found me to be cute. I would say that the early days were tough, but in truth we have gone through several rough patches. We have gone through some truly beautiful times, too. We welcome every new year, every challenge, every joy together, and the Lord has truly blessed us. For 15 years we have faced every new thing in live together, wether it be daunting or dazzling, we are, have grown more to be one.

This hit a new level when 12 1/2 years ago we wed. From time to time I can still see that look in her eye that she had walking down the aisle, though it has become more mature in love. In our time together I have discovered that love truly does conquer all, but only if that love is untainted by greed and selfish. I can also attest to the destructive nature of a love tainted in this way. Every deed done in this way calls to the other to take notice and reciprocate the kindness done. It focuses on the I, and puts the me in the center. It is my shame to admit that we walked through times where this was exactly how I was. By God’s grace we made it through.¬†I am convinced that God has been the glue that has held us together through the years, but we have put in a good deal of work too. It has been a journey for sure. Perhaps that is why I have come to think of myself as a pilgrim.

My wife has stood by me through a number of pursuits, many of which she has helped me to accomplish. I started out January with the goal of publishing a blog post Monday through Saturday, and I have kept to that to this day, even if the posts have been published on a less than consistent basis. However, given that I desire to better serve my family, who have gotten less of me through this new endeavor, my readers, for whom I desire to publish even better posts, and my Lord, for whom I desire to do all things well, I will be posting Monday through Friday only, and I will publish my new posts at 12:00 CST. Thank you to my readers, I do hope that you enjoy the changes, and I encourage each of you to make sure that you make time for your family and friends. Until next time, have a blessed weekend.