A thought about daily sustenance.

I sit and eat a tuna sandwich. It comes to me that a tuna fish had to die so I could live. As I follow this trail of thought, I begin to notice a pattern. Plant or animal, something has to give its life for mine. All of creation works on this principle, yet it is strange to many that the spiritual should be the same.

Christ died that I should live. And how fitting that He should explain it in the terms of sustenance. He said “I am the bread of life”. Just as wheat, before it is bread, must be cut down, so too Christ did give His life. He also compared His blood to wine. Again with the grapes that were harvested and stamped into juice we see an image of Jesus giving up His blood as a grape would its juice.

Maybe I am over thinking things, but what does it hurt to thank God for the plant or animal that gave its life that we might live? Perhaps if we slowed down and showed more reverence and thankfulness for the food God has provided, then we might find it a little easier to feel as blessed as we are. And maybe if we realize the amazing fact that death gives way to life as a part of the natural order, then maybe we can see that Christ dying for us fits well with what we see around us as God’s plan.

So let us praise God for the life that was given to provide us with our daily sustenance, both physical and spiritual. If we can learn to see these blessings from our Father, then perhaps we can learn to see how blessed we truly are. Maybe we can declare His goodness even when our day isn’t turning out the way we would have it turn out. Maybe we can learn to be a thankful people with praise on our lips, instead of a hard and angry people shaking our greedy fists at God exclaiming ” where were you on that one God?” or “why aren’t you blessing me God?” or even “Where are you God? Do I have to do this all alone?”

If we don’t look for His hand, we will often miss it. If we don’t see God’s hand, then we will often fall into the trap of thinking He isn’t there or doesn’t care. This is why many of us don’t see Him moving in our lives. We don’t see His benevolent hand in our daily lives. We forget to look. We forget to be thankful. Then we rail against God claiming that He has left us on our own. Of this I am certain, He will NEVER leave us or forsake us. He may be silent at times to encourage us to search for Him, but we can be certain that He is there taking care of our needs all the while.

Until next time, may God bless you with the sight of seeing all He blesses you with daily.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp