What does it Mean to Share the Gospel?

Many people throughout the history of mankind have been messengers for God. The difference now is that the whole of God’s people are to be messengers for God. But what is the message? If you polled ten random Christians about what the Gospel message is odds are they won’t exactly agree. This is because the Gospel strikes us all differently. This does not make a “different Gospel”, but instead focuses our attention to a more narrow aspect of the Gospel. Simply said the Gospel is God’s intervention in a hopeless situation to provide a way for hope to prevail. That hopeless situation is our relationship and standing with and to God.

This relationship variable in the Gospel is the primary reason one can hear so many different focuses of an given definition of the Gospel. We can see this in the different ways the four Gospels are written and the events and teachings they focus on. John sees the grandeur of Christ and the overwhelming evidence that Christ came to “save” the world. Luke sees, and therefore emphasizes Jesus’ teaching that the Kingdom is for all. Matthew sees a Jewish teacher that has come to save the world. All know that Jesus is God, but they write about different aspects of the overarching teachings and works of Christ, and aim of the Gospel.

As for me, Grace is the single brightest shining light in the diadem of the Gospel message. I would be replete to not add some of the other parts of the Gospel, but in most of my communication of the Gospel you can just about guarantee that Grace will at least eclipse the rest of the Gospel message. This is where the Lord touched me, and I could talk about His Grace all day. It is my why for loving Him. It is the filter through which all else is seen. To me Grace reigns supreme. He gave me His Love when I did not deserve it. He reached out His hand and offered hope when I deserved death. That is why the Gospel message is a message of Grace to me.

Others will see it through mercy, or peace, justice, or love. We are all looking at the same Gospel, but experiencing it differently. This is because the Gospel is personal. The Holy Spirit effects salvation on us where we are, and this gives us a bouquet of Gospel experiences. It is through these experiences that we see the Son of God and all He has done for us. It is with this variation that God aims to touch to whole of humanity.

So the Question remains, “What does it mean to share the Gospel”? The answer is that we are to share our story. We are to share our story of what God has done for us. God uses us all as we tell our story to change the hearts and minds of others. One may tell of a just God, and explain the Justice He sees in God. Another may tell of His love. Just as God has many names, so too does the Gospel have many facets. It is a great jewel. We see through this jewel and see the majesty of a God who cares enough to make a way for hope where there is none. So I encourage you share what the Lord has done. Tell the world of your great Hope, and if by chance any of you have yet to experience this great hope, feel free to leave a message and I will share my most prized possession with you, the hope that is in Jesus Christ. Until next time, May God Bless you all with His glorious presence.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp


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