A Safe Place to Grow

In a recent convervastion with a friend and co-worker about our boss, the following remark was made, “he makes it riskfree to learn”, or that is as nearly as I can remember. That set me to thinking, “does God not do the same for His children?”

Time and again we fail. Time and again He picks us up and urges us on again. God has given us a safe place to grow in Him. That is not to say we are physically in a safe place, but more to say that God has made it riskfree for us to learn how to see and do His will, forgiveness abounds! What are we to do but grow, yet often we find that we may take this too far.

For some unknown reason when we encounter a person that exhibits these traits we tend to respect them and try not to take advantage. On the other hand I have found that we so often disrespect God for showing the same traits. We become disobedient children running rampant. It is by great mercy that He doesn’t squish us all like ants.

We give respect out to so many people for so many reasons, yet we spit in the face of God for His kindness. one might think that I am overstating thing, but I ask you to think of your place in all of creation, in God’s master plan. If you don’t feel like the most insignificant spec of dust, then you are likely over estimating your importance.

Now the great news. God loves and cherishes everyone of His insignificant specs of dust so much that He sent His precious Son to suffer and die for us. The take away in both of these points is that we need to mind the boundaries. We are tiny specs in the whole of the salvation story, yet we can be assured we were on His mind the whole time. We have freedom in Christ through His blood, yet we must be mindful to respect Him for the love and grace He has poured on us.

Until next time, may God guide you all with His gentle hand to His loving side.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp


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