Superfluous too soon

In a country with people who are so driven, and success in such high demand, sometimes we can get lost in the chase. This can cause the undesirable effect of pushing people “out of the nest” too soon and making us superfluous too soon. Whether it is our intention or not, we can be too pushy, we can begin to separate too early.

This can happen with pastors wanting to get people out on their own too soon, or with parents hoping for a specific career path or future goal for their children. Just as God gives us time to grow into who He wants us to be, we must do the same with those we are responsible for. Our  guiding hand can determine the outcome of a person’s future, at least in part. If we push too hard, we can cause the person to be underdeveloped when we send them on their way.

This happens in nature when a mother bird pushes a baby bird out of the nest too early. In these cases the baby birds often don’t make it. Fortunately with people there can be a second try. We can correct our mistake. If we are sensitive to the needs of those we are blessed with helping along, then we can reflect the guidance and grace that God shows us. We have an extraordinary blessing in being a guiding force in people’s lives, and we must see it for the blessing that it is, so that we don’t push too hard, and cause damage where there could be edification and glory to God.

For us to be able to really allow people to be who God wants them to be we must step aside and let God guide through us, let His dreams fuel our desires for their future, and let His timetable prevail. If we can manage to step out of the way and let God lead us in leading others, then we can witness the truly extraordinary, and be a part of something far bigger than we could ever dream. For this to be possible, we must allow the Master’s hand to guide ours, we must learn to lead through His guidance. If we fight His hand, we will break the pot. But if we follow His lead, then we can find that we were a part of something special. We can find that we are the ones who truly received all the blessings.

Until next time, may God give you the patience to bow to His leadership with all who He has given you to guide.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp


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