Christian And…

One of the most tragic occurrences in Christendom today is the separation of our religion from who we are or what we do. I say that it is tragic, but really I should say that it is an abomination, one that far too many Christians buy in to. When we bow to Christ, we bow to Him as both Lord and Savior. Christianity is not a hobby. It is not just something we believe to be true. It is something that changes the very nature of who we are. It make us a being.

Please understand that I am not trying to be overly theological or philosophical. I am reflecting on a problem that crosses all boundaries in Christendom. I am attempting to address it at the ground level. This is because this is a problem that can and should be met head on. We are told to be who we are and keep religion and politics out of it. This would be akin to telling someone to make purple without red or blue. It cannot be done. And whatever the outcome it is not purple. Just the same with Christians. A Christian must follow Christ. It is also inherent in being human to be political. To bid someone not to express their thoughts on faith and politics is to ask them to be a hollow, wispy shadow of the reflection of who they are. It is a senseless and selfish request.

When a Christian is a cook, it transforms what it means to be a cook for them. They serve as though they are serving for Christ. They have a great attitude because they are serving Christ the King every time they go to work. They are a cook for the Kingdom of God. The same holds true for any profession. To separate ones profession or any part of their life from the Lordship of Jesus Christ is to create an abomination before to Lord. Jesus didn’t cover 85% of our sin, He covered 100%. He doesn’t want 85% of us, He wants 100% of us.

We can never be a Christian and a __________(fill in profession/hobby/or other adjective). We must be a Christian ___________(fill in profession/hobby/or other adjective). We must begin to think of ourselves as Christians who do our professions, participate in the hobbies we do, and are blessed with being who we are. We must remember Christ comes first, all other aspects of our lives are to be subject to Him. We are servants of the Most High God, Christ Jesus King of all creation. We are subjects in His Kingdom in the here and now. We have been adopted into the family of God. We must learn to think, talk, and act like it.

Until next time, may God guide you all in His will and ways.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp


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