The Cycle of Sickness

Few things make a parent weary like a ride on the cycle of sickness.

Just before the end of December I set out a goal for myself that I would begin to blog about specific topics Monday through Saturday, with the intention that I would begin this endeavor on January 1st. Well, over the holidays my family found ourselves on a sick-lical rollercoaster that would not let us go. We started with a stomach bug, then moved on to the grandeur of a cold. As my precious baby girl was ill as well, this included numerous regurgitated milk geysers, as well as a plethora of other bodily fluids from both of my children for us to clean up, all while my wife and I were trying to tend to ourselves, and each other, as best we could.

This is the chaos that has kept me from my keyboard, though not from many other daily tasks regardless of how sick and weary I have become. Sadly, it seems that in these times it’s the things you enjoy that go to the wayside. And that’s the truth of parenting, that’s the truth of life. You plan and desire to do one thing, and sometimes things don’t work out how you hope for them to work out. And as a parent when it’s illness that protrudes into your plans you often get to deal with crankiness, vomit, tears, and many other less than pleasant things, all while your brain feels foggier than the Golden Gate Bridge during an early morning commute.

As for me, the fog is beginning to lift, I hope. It is my sincere hope that I may be able to begin sharing more thoughts, musings, and reflections, as I walk the pilgrims way. May the Lord be with you, and may He cause my words to be a blessing and encouragement to you.


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