Celebrating Triumphs Over Sin

I have been thinking about Spiritual Warfare, and our need of a victory. Don’t get me wrong, I know Christ is the victor in the end, and I know that He conquered death. I am speaking of more personal victories. I am talking about victories over sin in our lives. Think about the last time(s) you had a personal victory over sin. Now think about the last time(s) you failed. It is depressing, isn’t it?

We need the light at the end of the tunnel. We need to know that we had a victory, no matter how small. We need to know that we are moving, growing in Christ. Otherwise we get bogged down. We can find ourselves wondering what is the use of trying. Christ was tempted and did not sin. He offers to us help to do the same. But if we never recognize when it is happening, then He can never celebrate the victory with us.

I think we live in a world of Christianity and spiritualism that says we are to be focused on the future outcome, the final act. The truth is that we live a day to day life, and have day to day needs. Part of those needs is to know that we are growing in Christ, and that is shown best by victories over sins. This doesn’t happen apart from Christ, but through Him we can conquer sins one at a time. We will still fall, because like Peter, we become to focused on the waves, and lose sight of Jesus.  But like walking, we will get better over time.

The biggest danger I can see in not recognizing our spiritual victories is that we begin to not be able or willing to recognize sin. We close ourselves off to seeing that we are sinning because it hurts, and we fill helpless against sin. We can begin to turn from God. At first this is because we feel filthy. And finally it is because we have become numb to faith, numb to God, and numb to sin. We can walk away from hope because we never learned the true meaning of hope. Christ is our defender, our fortress. And when we find in Him a victory over some sin that has been plaguing us, He celebrates with us.

I urge you brothers and sisters, celebrate with all of Heaven when you you turn sin away in defeat. When Christ defends your soul, and strengthens you to fight the good fight. When Jesus stands firm beside you and emboldens you to claim your victory over sin. Rejoice! Again I say, Rejoice! Heaven has seen a victory in you. You have seen a victory through Jesus Christ our King. Sing, Dance, Praise God with all you are, for Christ has won a battle in you,  and you are a step closer to the person He is calling you to be.

Until next time, May God help us all to vanquish sin through Jesus Christ, and celebrate the victory in Jesus.

In Christ,

Perry Tripp


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